Stacy Bachtel

My best friend growing up had a sister with a developmental disability. That connection led me to doing volunteer work with a local school she attended. It was rewarding, enjoyable work. My friend’s sister was about 10 years older than we were, and without her disability, she would have been out of her parent’s house […]

Scott Youngs

An athlete, an employee, a manager, a dad and most of all, an advocate, Scott Youngs is in a unique position to role model for people with disabilities how it is possible to live a full and rewarding life.  He has struggled along the way and met each challenge head on. “One of the ways I […]

Mark Berry

Explore Mark Berry’s “Blind Dog Coffee” production facility in virtual reality. In a usual week, Mark produces approximately 7,500 pounds of coffee, doing all of the work from roasting, to putting stickers on the bags, to bagging the product, by himself. On this particular day, son Ian Berry helps with the bagging process. (VR by […]

Jesse Leaman

Lightning Leaman; that’s what his mates on East Stroudsburg’s soccer team called him. He could out-sprint and out-maneuver defenders, steal the ball from them, and net it before anyone figured out what happened. A lean 5-foot-7, with piercing blue eyes, and a remarkable shock of golden locks, the 18- year-old lived in his body full-time, […]

George McKinlay

            Australian Bush Kid “I am Scottish by birth and Australian by experience,” George McCinlay likes to say. Sometimes he adds “and Argentinian by choice.” He sips his coffee, broadly smiles and waves off his hand, implying the latter was not necessary. George has a slight British accent. He is […]

Dora Utchel

“One funny story last week happened when I came to work study with Scott Youngs,” Dora says. “I was walking in through the office I am situated in, and he came in behind me and I said “Hi Scott.’ He goes ‘how did you know it was me without me saying hi?’ And I said […]

Denny Granata

Denny Granata’s immense, amiable eyes suggest patience, compassion, and humor. He’s the kind of person who doesn’t complain while waiting to get on a bus in the rain, the kind of man greeted with genuine smiles, pats on the shoulder and kisses on the head.  At communion, he’s the only person, save his pastor, who […]

Connor Fogal

“You cannot give up, even if you get stuck and run out of ideas. You never give up. I think of what I really like and that makes me work even harder to achieve it. If you think of something that you really love, you can do a lot more.” These are words Connor Fogal […]

Bill Davis

“Every morning when I wake up, I try to learn something that I didn’t know the day before.” This is Bill Davis’ mantra. It is this type of determination that helped him overcome a hinderance with technology and let innovation help his already-long musical career as a saxophonist bloom. To learn more about Bill’s personal life, visit […]