About this Project

Enabled Nevada – A Look at How Assistive Technology Makes a Difference

Living with a disability, such as blindness or paralysis, has many challenges. While we all live in this world of changing technologies, people with disabilities are often excluded from using these technologies to improve their lives.

“Enabled Nevada” highlights some of these individuals who are benefitting from assistive technology in Reno. This site introduces you to extraordinary people who are using everything from an iPad to a speaking temperature gauge to make their lives better.

Graduate Student Project

Enabled Nevada was produced by 11 graduate students taking Narrative Journalism during the fall semester of 2012. This class combined reporting skills with videography and photography, allowing each student to become proficient in telling a story through writing, editing video and shooting photos. Students learned how to shoot virtual reality photos, use video editing programs like Final Cut Pro and iMovie, and use Photoshop. Students worked as teams and as individuals in covering each member of the Enabled Nevada site. All writing, video production and photography was done by these graduate students.

Graduate students involved in Enabled Nevada include:

Laura Brigham
Aida Cloutier
Tracie Douglas
Joan Grover
Natasha Majewski
Alex Pompliano
Tim Prentiss
Brad Rassler
Regina Revazova
Tony Spiker
Abbie Walker

Faculty involved in this graduate project:

Howard Goldbaum, M.A., Associate Professor, Interactive Media

Reynolds School of Journalism, University of Nevada, Reno

The University of Nevada, Reno, is situated at the edge of the Sierra Nevada, 45 minutes from Lake Tahoe, spectacular desert, the Mount Rose Wilderness area and world class ski resorts.

The school serves as the venue for a variety of professional training programs. The Reynolds School of Journalism program has a tradition of strong professional orientation with an emphasis on hands-on skills training. Many professors have worked in journalistic fields, from broadcast to public relations. Many continue to be active in these pursuits. Instruction emphasizes professional skills and students are required to complete internships in their chosen journalistic fields.

The Reynolds School of Journalism boasts six Pulitzer Prize winning graduates. Our students continue to win national competitions in the areas of advertising, photo and print journalism, among others.