Bill Davis – When Innovation and Music Meet

Bill Davis – When Innovation and Music Meet

Writing By Aida Cloutier

Born in Wichita, Kansas, Bill Davis received a college degree in Music Performance from the Wichita State University. He first began playing music as a young boy in the fifth grade. His love for it made him continue playing throughout high school and college. During his years at college, Bill was invited twice to perform in President Richard Nixon’s inaugural parade.

Music is simply something that seems to come easy to Bill; he feels that he has been blessed with a God given talent. The computer technology that he’s currently learning will allow him to explore and pursue many new avenues in musical performance. Once Bill becomes a master at this technology, it may even change his life by launching a new musical career.


Bill Davis continues to learn more about his iPad in the sunlight. Photo by Alex Pompliano

Bill has played with many bands over the years, but never as a one-man show. What made him interested in performing solo was learning that there were other disabled musicians who were already quite successful in the music industry. He began watching some of these performers, trying to learn just exactly how they created such amazing musical performances. One day, he realized it wasn’t as much the musician as it was the equipment that they used.

Bill decided to try and get help from the State of Nevada’s Vocational Rehabilitation Department. First, he had to convince them that music was really what he wanted to do with his life. Once they finally understood that performing music was Bill’s true passion, they assisted him by helping him acquire the technology and training that he needed.

When Bill first received his iPad, he was afraid of it because he wasn’t quite sure what it would do. Anything new makes Bill a little leery and creates self-doubt. What finally gave him the courage to continue was George McKinley of the Nevada Assistive Technology Resource Center. He gave Bill the confidence he needed to really try and accomplish something special.

Bill feels a tremendous amount of gratitude to George. Without George, he believes that he would never have become a solo performer. He insists that he owes him a great deal for helping him to learn this new and innovative technology.