Scott Harrington

T hey seem like modest goals.

“We look to have the person get paid at least minimum wage, which is competitive employment,” Scott Harrington says of the Customized Employment Project. Competitive employment refers to jobs that would pay the same amount to a non-disabled worker.

He then adds: “in an integrated setting, so you’re not segregated in a sheltered setting where you have a whole bunch of people with disabilities sitting around a table doing something not very rewarding.”

The alternative sounds a bit Dickensian: People with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities being sequestered in workrooms, performing repetitive menial tasks for slave wages. But this has historically been the state of employment for the disabled in the United States. Segregated settings have been the norm, and due to a provision in the Fair Labor Standards Act, workers are often paid less than minimum wage.

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Scott Harrington in CEP meeting

Click to watch video of Scott Harrington explaining the Customized Employment Project.



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