Stacy’s Social Life — Golf

Writing, Video Production and Photography By Tony Spiker

In a way I am jealous of Stacy Bachtel.  The structure and schedule that she has allows for her to lead a much fuller life than I do.  My life consists of going to school, going to work, volunteering at a high school, and studying.  My hobbies have become non-existent; I haven’t seen my friends in months.  Stacy has friends everywhere she goes and maintains a rich social life.  Part of that social life is being active in the Special Olympics where she participates in Golf and Bowling.

I tagged along with Stacy one Saturday morning to watch her practice.  It was early, and everyone stood outside the clubhouse of Wild Creek gold course in Sparks, sipping hot chocolate and waiting to begin.  They had several stations set up to practice golf skills like putting, chipping, and driving.  As we worked our way through the skills I watched Stacy and how she interacted with the others.  She was always encouraging, cheering people on and giving them high fives when they were finished.  She was kind, and others enjoyed being around her.

She has been active in golf for about three years, according to the Skills Director at Wild Creek golf club, Dennis Oliver, and he has seen quite a change in that time.  “She has come so far.  Stacy would hardly talk that much when she first started in this.  Now she is completely opposite of that, she is a very social girl.”

Dennis attributes a part of this growth to golf and athletics in general.  “What sports lie golf and basketball and soccer, which is big around here do for the athletes, it helps them with their social skills and meeting new people helps bring their personalities out a little better.”