Stacy Bachtel

My best friend growing up had a sister with a developmental disability. That connection led me to doing volunteer work with a local school she attended. It was rewarding, enjoyable work. My friend’s sister was about 10 years older than we were, and without her disability, she would have been out of her parent’s house and on her own. However, her parents never considered her life without them in. I have not seen my friend in about 15 years, but I do know that both of his parents have passed on. I do not know what became of his sister.

That connection is what led me to take an interest in Stacy Bachtel. She is 37 years old, and has downs syndrome. She was one of the first people to find employment through the Nevada Center for Excellence in Disabilities employment program. She lives on her own, and she has an active social life. Her success makes me wonder what become of my friends sister.

I set up a meeting with her at her apartment in south Reno. It was difficult to set up because of the number of people I was told it would involve. Scott Harrington, one of the program’s administrators, assured me that both he and Stacy’s mother needed to be there to ensure that there was a certain level of trust instilled in Stacy to begin with. I have no idea if this is true or not because from the beginning, she was outgoing and gregarious.





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